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Life at Arrowhead Labradoodles is a fun experience with most of our dogs Australian Labradoodles around us. Some live with wonderful foster families and thrive there as well. All of our foster families take great care of the companion they are in charge of, we are so happy! These special Australian Labradoodles do come back to us regularly it helps all of us, Labradoodle, foster family and Arrow head to stay in touch with our dogs Australian Labradoodles. We have put together an informal look at our Australian Labradoodles as they romp there way through life on our large country property! I hope that you enjoy the pictures and come on out to visit us some day, we would love to introduce you to all of our wonderful Australian Labradoodles!

We allow visitors to meet and greet new puppies after the Labradoodle puppies are four weeks old. This is for the puppies health and safety, as they are rather fragile for the first while after birth! They might easily pick up a disease from a visitor that none of us intended. For this reason we are selfish in not letting them bWe are believers that it is very important for prospective puppy owners to meet the breed of interest in person before committing to adopting a Labradoodle puppy! Please contact us with any questions that you may have about our dogs Australian Labradoodles and we will be happy to help you. Here are a few of our Australian Labradoodle adults out on a morning romp, came to the door for a few treats! http://youtu.be/WjkkPE6AvhY Watch them for a great time!


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