Christmas time at Arrowhead are moving right along! We have five red Australian Labradoodle puppies going to be presents this year! It is fun to be apart of a Christmas surprise like this, really hoping that everyone is thrilled and that they let us in on how the Christmas time surprise worked out! All of the families have children and I am sure that they will be thrilled!

Madame Nior was also able to leave us this morning for her home in the north, her foster family and us were thrilled to be able to have her go home for Chistmas time! Her puppies are growing up to be just as sweet and cuddly as she is! There are 5 girls and 1 boy in this litter and they all have had an excellent mothering experience. Merry Christmas Noir, and I wish you a relaxing time with your family! You have done a wonderful job.

We are expecting Comet to give us a new years litter, her belly is growing larger and she seems to be doing fine, We are excited for her and hope that all goes well for her Christmas time delivery plans! Bree is also pregnant this Christmas time. She is our foundation female and lives with a wonderful foster family as well. This is her last litter before retirement and so we are so excited. She gets to stay with her family for Christmas and then will come “home” for a Jan 6 2013 whelping date! We are still crossing our fingers about Cyprus? We shall see if she has a couple of puppies in there for us or not???

As for the humans? Christmas time at Arrowhead is so very exciting! Family, Food and remembering Jesus birth are all a huge part of our celebration plans! The younger humans are also eyeing a couple of brightly wrapped presents with glowing eyes! It is fun to watch the excitement grow and grow until it can be felt!! Luke is not even letting me see my gift……How fair is that and so I am pretending that I am not curious at all! GRIN, really I am! Yes it will be a wonderful time to spend and we are looking forward to it! Special treats for the Australian Labradoodles that live here at Christmas time as well! All natural, Elk antler, locally sourced, they are sounding just like a Christmas time treat should! Yummy and just a bit healthy!

We wish you and your families all the best as well. Come visit us and our Australian Labradoodles some time in 2013! We would love to host you!

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