Why infuse Australian Labradoodles with the Wheaten?

Why infuse Australian Labradoodles with the Wheaten?

Who can resist eyes like that!!

Australian Labradoodles, the best breed we have ever worked with and had the privilege to be apart of!

Why, one might ask would a breeder who claims to love the Australian Labradoodle breed ever decide to infuse the Wheaten in to this beautiful seemingly perfect Australian Labradoodle?? Good question!!

We are so pleased with the health and easy trainability of the Australian Labradoodle as a 5 breed dog. Can one improve on perfect? There are a few reasons for choosing to infuse this last Wheaten infusion. Beverly Manners founder of the amazing Australian Labradoodle breed had a clear vision and we believe wanted and did create a beautiful companion dog with the Australian Labradoodle. She was the foundation for us. Beverly has also infused this last wonderful Wheaten into her program and we are looking to follow suit. The Wheaten used for this infusion to fill the roll it is called to play in the Australian Labradoodle breed must be carefully selected and be the proper “sort”. The Soft Coated IRISH Wheaten Terrier found in Ireland, is still healthy and true to type. This Wheaten is healthy, no protein wasting disease and they have a beautiful super soft silky coat! These Wheaten’s have wonderful companion type personalities, they are non aggressive and so easy to train. Infusing this Wheaten maintains all the hard earned and sought after traits of the beautiful Australian Labradoodle! Trainability, Therapy quality, non shed, allergy friendly, Family friendly and all around healthy good looking companion Labradoodles.

The benefits to infusing this last infusion are simply this. The Australian Labradoodle with out the Soft Coated Irish Wheaten infusion is a dog that has a tendency to lean towards a wool type coat. This Wheaten infusion adds the loose super soft coat to the Australian Labradoodle, easier to care for and very pleasant to the senses!! Also this infusion adds ear health! Australian Labradoodles can tend towards ear infections as the main health concern, adding the higher ear carriage of the Wheaten lifts the ears for more air flow and thus your Australian Labradoodle lives a happier life with less chance of an ear infection!

We believe that this infusion was simply brilliant! Luke headed to Ireland to pick up our very own Bobbi, he has not let us down in any area and often is the favorite of the visitor that come and go! He has a beautiful companion temperament. He has a non shed beautiful silky soft coat that does not shed. He is so easy to train and all these traits come through in the puppies!

These puppies have a straighter coat as puppies and they may not look the teddy bear look that the non infused Australian Labradoodles puppies carry, but as the two mature side by side there is for sure a defined beauty to be found in the Australian Labradoodle puppies with the Wheaten infusion!!

Australian LabradoodlesJoin us in the excitement of being part of only a few who have an Australian Labradoodle with the beauty and goofy grace of the Wheaten infusion!!

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