The thrill of Labradoodle pregnancy confirmed

The thrill of Labradoodle pregnancy confirmed

Join the fun and excitement! We and 5 other families are so very excited as Dew Drop and Skye are Labradoodles pregnancy confirmed! We still have places for three more families to join us on this exciting journey of waiting and suspense as we wait to see how many and what genders each sweet girl will give to us.

This is Dew Drop’s first Labradoodle pregnancy and she is doing VERY well. Her mating to Bobbi was uneventful and smooth. She is growing already and we are hoping for five puppies for her. Her waiting list is full, with four families waiting with us for her expected Sept. 29 2012 due date. These puppies will be born in colours of black to turn silver and chocolate to turn shimmering apricot and apricot!

Skye has been mated to Bobbi once before and the puppy pictured is one of the puppies from her last litter pictured at 5 almost 6 months. These puppies were so well accepted into their adoptive families. They are friendly and super smart. Needing owners to firmly establish pack leader values!! We have one happy family waiting with us for these puppies and have three openings still open for adoptive families!

Both girls puppies will be medium in size, standing between 17-19ins tall and weighing between 40-50lbs.

There is something oh, so special about the confirmation of a Labradoodle pregnancy! It gives wings to the waiting and dreams that go along with doing the research process of planning a mating, doing the actual mating and then the wait! So much wonder and hope mixed in as the girls start to eat more and sleep more, and then it is confirmed, the bubble is growing……..Australian Labradoodle Puppies on the way.

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