Merlin ~ Snow Labradoodle

Merlin ~ Snow Labradoodle

Update on Merlin (adopted February 4, 2013)

Merlin continues to thrive with us as he approaches l.5 years old.  He weighs 50 pounds now, solid muscle, no fat.  He gets a lot of exercise, from walks in the park to Frisbee in the yard to visits to dog parks to play dates at doggy daycare to Agility class on Saturday mornings. He loves exercise and the outdoors.  He is becoming increasingly intelligent and connected to us.  His crate is behind him now, he sleeps with us, the perfect gentleman all night long.  We adore him!  Lately he has made friends with a little dog in the neighbourhood, who comes to play in our yard.  Miss Pepper is a mini-French bulldog/pug cross.  Attached are a few photos of Merlin as he looks now and as he looks playing with Miss Pepper.  We thank you, Connie and Luke, for providing us with the perfect dog.

Leslie & BobDSC_5297

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