Labradoodle puppy!

Labradoodle puppy!

Hi Connie & Luke!

We wanted to update you on just how wonderful Remy is doing!
He is such a peaceful darling. He is doing excellent on his training.
He has been doing very well going outside on these very, very cold
days. It has really helped having the other dogs to show him what to
do as well.
We thank you for such a great puppy!
We have gone for a bunch of short walks and he is learning how to walk
on the leash and is doing amazing.
He is such an awesome puppy, thanks for all the time and energy you
put into breeding wonderful dogs.
Rebecca & Jason

Comments on “Labradoodle puppy!

  1. Eileen&Guy Kirvan June 14, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    Thanks for a wonderful time @the puppy romp today We all enjoyed seeing all the other labradoodles & their families. The common comment I heard today was “these are the best dogs ever calm gentle easy to train & a real pleasure to have as part of your family” This a wonderful compliment to the dedication& knowledge you put forth into genetics & pairings for breeding excellent Labradoodle dogs
    Ellie was a very tired little girl after her “party” She had a sleep & is now enjoying her new inchworm toy thanks again Eileen

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