Labradoodle news update!!

Labradoodle news update!!

It has been way too long since I have given you all an up date on the Labradoodle news, here at Arrowhead!!

We have made it through one of the stormiest winters in years intact for which we are grateful! Made me glad for heaters and comforters with tea, or hot chocolate!! GRIN!

We have a new little male puppy about to be born in Australia! This is super exciting for us and we are looking forward very much to hearing about his birth in just a couple of weeks. He will be a huge boon to our programme, pushing us in the right direction just one more step. This male will have pure and original lines making up his pedigree and will be a beauty!! We are excited to be able to post pictures of him as soon as we get some. He will come to Canada to live in the spring! Yeah, spring!

We have a litter of three Labradoodle puppies that are two weeks old, born to Flame and Comet, these puppies look like they will transition in to a more golden colour than staying the deep red. absolutely stunning! They have very nice personalities, calm and friendly. They will make for wonderful family companions. They are moderate exercise and so will be snuggly and yet able to attend your more active moments! They have been so much fun as they have been our first babies for a couple of months. It is fun to have little ones around!!

We have Miss Lights with us and she is due to give birth in about 2 weeks, little girl looks like she will have a nice litter by the looks of her tummy. She is such a sweet little one, loves to be right by your side and this follows through to the puppies in personable and therapy friendly temperaments. Several of these puppies have gone into families with a special need and have worked out wonderfully! This is one of our biggest joys with being a breeder in southern Ontario! Watching families bond with the Labradoodle puppy and have the Labradoodle puppy fill such a void in a persons life!!

We are doing a remate between Satin and Mowgley! These Australian Labradoodles have just perfect temperaments and they have beautiful café latte colour coats! We just loved this litter last time and so are very excited to have another litter of these puppies coming our way in April!

Feel free to call us up and book an appointment anytime as we love to show off our Labradoodles!!

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