Labradoodle Breeder update!

Labradoodle Breeder update!

Hello all! It has been so LONG since I have written an up date on all the excitement here at Arrowhead Ontario Australian Labradoodle breeders. This has sure been an eventful summer!

In our garden things are growing wonderfully! On the hottest day so far it gave us 2 bushels of peas! Good eating, and I was thrilled that there is a family living near to us that allows us to use their pea podder!! Saves a PILE of time for sure! Green beans started before the peas were done and now the beats and beans are together. Then there are the fresh Rasp, and Blueberries to be had. My family is just waiting to find that Black berries are in season! Life is good, oh, yes and the garlic is as tall as it ever has been, Luke is very proud of it! We used the tops this year in a few meat dishes, that was very yummy in the tummy!

Our Australian Labradoodles have given us several reasons to celebrate as well!

Skye gave us a litter of 10 puppies, this is our record size litter! Good job to her and Bobbi. The most wonderful thing is that all of these puppies are so incredibly soft in temperament! They are super sweet!! Zephyr and Comet have both given us a litter of miniature red Labradoodle puppies and Satin was mated to new genetics and Raine is in season as well!!

It seems that there is never a dull moment at Arrowhead Labradoodle breeders! Between the fertile farm, our wonderful children and the adorable Labradoodles we are a blessed family! Lots to do, lots to love and a place to call home! Plenty of new friends coming to visit us and our Australian Labradoodles! Yes, feel free to book a visit to chat with us in our corner of the world! For sure it will not be boring!

Yet, we love to take time to relax and do a bit more research on the up and coming Labradoodle genetics to be the best Labradoodle breeder we possibly can be!!


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