Arrowhead Labradoodles — 2016!

Arrowhead Labradoodles — 2016!

4668 Daniel Coffee 6 weeksHello to all of you, our Labradoodle friends! Thank you for joining us and for allowing our wonderful Australian Labradoodle – Cobberdog puppies be a part of your lives and inviting them into your hearts and families! As breeders in Ontario of the wonderful Labradoodle we are thrilled to share our puppies with the world! We my be a bit biased but we sure do believe that this is the BEST breed that one could find for companionship, intuitive minds and therapy purposes!

There have been so many good times in 2015 and we are so very THANKFUL! We have had more sweet furry faces join us in this year than any other year and we have enjoyed meeting everyone and also getting to know the families that have adopted them. Our Wheaten infusion has become a HUGE part of our program! We love this infusion and love the loose fleece coats that is adds to our program, we are now 4 generations past the infusion and every generation brings new joy. The temperaments gentle out a bit again and they loose a few of those Wheaten personality traits like digging and the jump & greet!

We have just this past year start a line of mini’s with the Wheaten infusion and are so VERY excited to see this line develop, we have used Bobbi over Rena and those puppies are out in families and we hope to hear back from them on development or see a few at the romp. These puppies were such a sweet bunch that we keep Autumn to raise up for ourselves. We also kept back a girl from Tilly and Chilli again, our sweet Vikki is growing like a weed!

We have another foster family on board with us and are delighted with how they are caring for Annie!

Another huge change that has taken place here is we have on board with us 2 professionally trained dog trainers! Kelly and Nancy both have a great love for dog and have worked with dogs and training dogs. We are thrilled to have them willing to work with us as I know all of our families who are wanting to have their Labradoodle puppy trained before it comes home to them will be very happy with all the puppy knows! They are willing to spend about .5 of an hour when you pick your Labradoodle up to teach you how they have been training the puppy, this enables you to work with the pup better as you can follow the same types of care the pup is used to receiving!

9651 Misha (Finza) 7 weeksThere is another very exciting change taking place as these ladies have come on board. Labradoodle puppy pick up date! These ladies have agreed to meet with us for about .5 of an hour when you are here to pick up your puppy to give us all a few basic training tips on how to best work with your new pup on go home date. All the families that have adopted puppies from a litter will come at the same time to be apart of this class! We are thrilled to be able to offer this to our families and cannot wait till the puppies in Feb 2016 go home to start this new program and see how much you all love it! B Ling 2

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