Mission Statement

Our Labradoodle Mission Statement!

When you value a person or pet, whomever or whatever the person or pet may be. There needs to be a guide. A line which we will follow and cling to through the good days and not so good days. A promise is to keep and this is the line we have drawn and the promise we have made to keep to our wonderful Australian Labradoodles and to you our adoptive families. With out our puppies and also with out you, the puppies families our lives would be less full, incomplete! So to you all this is our personal Labradoodle Mission Statement!

To our wonderful Australian Labradoodles:

  1. To provide a warm and comfortable place to stay with unconditional love and acceptance, also yummy and nutritious food to eat and clean fresh water to drink every day!
  2. To ensure that there is no over breeding or line breeding.
  3. To make sure every one is healthy and happy each step of the way and to retire each one into a loving family.
  4. You are the BEST Australian Labradoodles available and so we promise to take good care of you!

To our caring adoptive families:

  1. To provide open and honest communication. True details about all of our dogs.
  2. To support you through the entire journey, from puppy hood to when old age sets in.
  3. To honour our puppy guarantee.
  4. To have done our research and be knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge.
  5. To always provide a home for your puppy. If you are going on vacation or can no longer care for the pup.


We love what we do! We like meeting people and being apart of this exciting and sometimes mystical road to puppy ownership, it gives us great pleasure to see you smile and to hear how our puppies have made your lives better. Sometimes even with the best of intentions life gives us a sour taste and through those times we would like to be there to do what we can to support and encourage you.

Labradoodle mission StatementAustralian Labradoodles puppies have been such a good part of our lives and we hope that you will be lifted up as well, knowing a faithful friend. Found in your Australian Labradoodle from Arrowhead!

May we all always be true to the Labradoodle Mission Statement!