Grass Fed Beef!




If you are interested in learning more about our delicious and healthy beef that is raised in a humane, grain and hormone free manner, for sure contact us and we will be happy to chat with you about this option!

Our herd is a fun mix of breeds, the beef we will be raising as grain free, and offering to you will be the Angus breed. We do have a few Highland cattle, just as a hobby and some of our cattle are mated Simmental as well.

We butcher  when the beef is fresh and tender, full of natural grasses and fresh air! Our beef is hormone free, drug free and gets to roam freely all year long in wide open places! We keep life as stress free as possible for our cow / calf pairs. This is a greatly affects the tenderness of the cuts.

You have the option of getting family boxes, through out the year. Our family box holds 30lbs of beef, some each of steak, ground beef, stewing beef, and roasts.

We also have 10lb boxes of burgers through out the year for you to enjoy. These boxes hold about 30 patties. Perfectly seasoned and with very little shrinkage as they have no fillers!

Ordering a whole or half a beef all at once, in the fall is the most cost effective way, and gives you a nice big selection of beef. A whole beef will give about 600lbs, dressed weight while a half will be about 300lbs dressed weight.

All of our beef is cut at a certified, government inspected butcher shop. Rest assured that things are done legally and in a clean and healthy manner!

Looking forward to working with you and delivering good taste and health to your home!!



Our son also has a clutch of chickens that he is busy tending too and gathering the eggs from. He loves to spend time with them and so they are well loved, they are free range chickens which gives the yolks that bright yellow colour, and the taste is AMAZING! Taregan is asking 2.50 for a dozen of his farm fresh goodness.

Pop out for beef and eggs!


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