Berkshire  pasture pork.

Do you love you pork ribs, pork chops and pork roasts? Are you having a hard time finding a supplier that can serve you pork that is neither fat edged or dry all the way through?

Welcome to BURKSHIRE!

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Berkshire pork is considered the BEST in the pork world. The best chefs seek out this type of pork for serving to their clientele. Would you like to know why?

#1. TASTE! The flavour of pasture fed Berkshire pork is rich. Many, after tasting this pork will eat no other! The marbling is key to this, with conventional pork you will find that the fat is either a thick ring around the outside of the cut or there is no fat at all causing the park to be dry and flavourless. Berkshire pork is marbled nicely all the way through and has a light cover on the edges, making this the most moist and tender piece of pork that you ever did put to your lips!

#2. HUMANLY RAISED. Did you know that the environment that your pork roast is raised in has a direct affect on the flavour and tenderness of the roast? We raise our pork in wide open spaces allowing them to root, and roll as a pig was created to do. When the muscles of the animal are allowed to exercise freely the meat is more tender. When the stress levels are low to non existent the meat is oh, so tender and full of natural goodness! The Berkshire hog that is pasture raised will get plenty of exercise and thus grow slower. Slower growth is one of the main reasons for the full rich flavour.

Our Berkshire hogs are served a ration of grains as well, along with fresh fruits and vegetables. Supplementing all the goodies that they find in the great outdoors.

#3. HEALTH. When a animal is allowed to bask in the sunshine, eat natural grasses and root at will, the vitamins and minerals are boosted greatly!

Much more vitamin E ~ Much more vitamin D (in the pork fat) ~ Much more omega-3 fatty acids (heart healthy & reduces inflammation) ~ Higher levels of other beneficial nutrients

We want to be able to supply you with this healthier option for your family. After all family is one of the most important parts of life and we all want to nourish our families the best we can.

You can expect to receive a nice variety of pork roast,  bacon, pork chops, some ribs and sausage with any of the above options of ordering your Berkshire pork from Arrowhead! You can do special orders, but these may cost you extra depending on mixing and curing processes.

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