Caring for the ear

One of the main health struggles for a Labradoodle are it’s ears. Labradoodle ears are close to the side of their head, causeing them to need special attention.

Australian Labradoodles have lots of beautiful curls! Taken care of and groomed properly this is a beautiful and soft to snuggle companion. There is one concern that goes along with all of this beautiful fleece, this is those beautiful locks also grow in the Labradoodle ears canals and there is where the problem lies. If not taken care of properly this will lead to discomfort in the ear and if left long enough  will cause a raging, painful infection for your Australian Labradoodle. Lets talk about how to avoid this unfortunate situation!

It is very important that you have your groomer or vet pluck the extra hair in the ear canal. With this extra hair gone more air can flow into the Labradoodle ears, air movement and circulation is pivotal to healthy ears! You can also do this task at home if you are comfortable with it, most dogs while not real excited about it allow you to pluck the ear with out to much complaining as they seem to know that after it is over they will feel much better! It is a similar feeling to plucking the eye brows. A bit uncomfortable but not a huge deal, for most Australian Labradoodles. You need to pluck enough hair to be able to see into the canal clearly

Next step is cleaning the Labradoodle ears. There are lots of ear cleaners available, the ones we recommend are ear wipes, similar to a baby wipe and NuVet ear cleaner and therapeutic treatment drops. Ordered either from our gift shop or NuVet order code 58735. When cleaning the ear canal of a Australian Labradoodle you need to be confident that you will not hurt your dogs ear. A dogs ear canal is shaped like an L the sensitive no touch parts are at the far end of the L, this means that you cannot hurt your dogs hearing or ear by cleaning the part you can see. Start by lifting the ear and folding it up over your Australian Labradoodles head, this gives you the best visual of what you are doing. If you are using wipes go ahead and start wiping the ear. If you are using the drops method you will need some cotton balls on hand. Take a cotton ball and wet it with the ear drops, wipe the ear canal all the way around and also on the outside ear. If there is dirt on the cotton get another and repeat the process. Continue to wipe and clean till the cotton is clean after a wipe.

This process needs to be repeated daily for some dogs and for sure daily if your dog is struggling with an ear infection. Australian Labradoodle ears all have a different level of discharge, some need a clean every day some are good for a clean once a week. Getting to know your Australian Labradoodles ears is the only way to stay on top of the infections!

A great way to make this experience enjoyable and less stressful for your Australian Labradoodle is to play with his/her ears in a loving and natural way daily so that they do not associate all ear play with the ear clean. Also lots of praise for good behaviour and a treat or two is in order! If the person doing the clean is relaxed the whole process will be easier on both you and your dog.

Get into the habit of checking your dogs ears regularly for cleanliness and health. If an infection is brewing your first clues will be a not nice smell coming from your Australian Labradoodles ear, your Pet will also be shaking his/her head and be scratching the ear a lot more than is normal. Also if your Labradoodle is yelping a bit when you rub around his/her ears this is another good indication that you are working with an infection.

If you have cleaned your Labradoodles ears daily and they are nice and they are still getting infected or there is an infection that will just not leave, you need to consider the food that you Labradoodle is eating. If your Labradoodle has an allergy sometimes the way it expresses it’s self is thru an ear infection. A change of diet is necessary! A completely different source of protein is needed and cut all sugars and carb from your Labradoodles diet. The yeast in the infection thrives and grows on any and all sugars. Raw feeding may be the easiest and fastest way to rid yourselves of the unwanted ear infection.

Healthy ears are a great start to a Labradoodle who is comfortable and friendly at all times.

3 comments on: Caring for the ear

  1. Paula Countryman September 16, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Thank you! I should have known. My guy is nearing six months, and I have cleaned but never plucked. UGH!

  2. Catherine Mitchell February 19, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Thank you. Our rescue Labradoodle came to us with a dreadful ear infection. This information helps me to maintain her healing.

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