Australian Labradoodle Health

Australian Labradoodle health is very important to us! We love this breed and want only the best for them.

What are the most common Australian Labradoodle health problems that affect this breed? Do I need to worry about spending thousands of dollars at the vets to keep up my Australian Labradoodles health and are these wondeful dogs known to have any hereditary health problems that are readily passed onto the puppies?

One of the most common Australian Labradoodle health issues that follow the breed are ear infections! You can find information on how to avoid ear infections on our ear care page.

Of course hip and elbow displacia are always a possiblity. We have had all of our adult breeding Australian Labradoodles tested for this and we do not breed any dog that scores below a good for it’s hips. Hip and elbow displacia is a possablity in Australian Labradoodle health, but a very small number of the Australian Labradoodle will develope this condition. Australian Labradoodles are very light on their feet, pranceing instead of lumbering like some of the heavier breeds. Also light framed this causes less strain on the joint and thus less liklyhood of a displacia problem!

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