What NOT to feed your Labradoodle

Knowing what NOT to feed your Labradoodle is as important as knowing what TO feed your Australian Labradoodle!

We have had just a bit of experience with things that you should NOT let your Labradoodle feed on! These things are potentially fatal and have had several Australian Labradoodles very ill and their loving families very stressed out. We would encourage you to be aware of these things and if they are in your yard or in your house we would encourage you to rid your environment of them. As we learn with our families we will post more info.

The biggest and hardest one to avoid is raccoon feces! I know it is really hard if not impossible to watch your puppy/dog all the time, but this has been the #1 source of families calling us on the way to emergency Veterinarians with their family companion. Not all raccoons are infected, but we never know which ones are, that is the scary part. I find it hard to explain properly, but I found a great article for you that describes it perfectly. http://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/infectious-parasitic/c_dg_baylisascariasis If you see you puppy/dog with some of these symptoms, it would be a good idea to get your Australian Labradoodle to the vets office.

  • Unsteady walking/loss of coordination or muscle control (ataxia)
  • Difficulty eating/swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Lethargy, lying down excessively (recumbency)
  • Circling
  • Seizure
  • Confusion, lack of attention

What not to feed your Labradoodle? Raccoon poop!

Another scary time for us was when one of our puppies got into a natural sugar xylitol. This is what her family wrote me about that experience.

……..so the vet said that xylitol and sucralose (aspartame) are deathly to dogs.  xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol dervived from either corn or birch bark.  i guess {our Labradoodle} ate a candy made from that.  the dog walker said at 5:15 that she was instantly hyper and didn’t know what was wrong.  i said that she missed her 3pm walk to the bus stop and so she was just a bit excited to go for a walk.  we got home at 6 and she knows that she must stay in the family room while we cook and eat.  so she went to sleep in her bed.  the kids wanted to play with her after but i pointed out that she was asleep and they should leave her alone.  at 8pm our daughter started screaming that there was something in her bed.  i picked her up and she looked at me and her eyes rolled back and you couldn’t see her pupils.  i put her down and she began to seizure.  that is when i called you and texted the dog walker.  i then called the emerg hospital in the nearest city and they said to rush her in.  she seizured throughout the entire car ride and i could hear her tags jingaling so i knew she was still alive.  they took her right away.  i had to carry her in her bed because she was twitching soo much that i thought i was going to drop her.  i also took in her vomit in a container.  thank God i did as it prevented them from pumping her stomach and needing an abdominal ultrasound.  they took her vomit and put it under the microscope and saw the words “low cal” but the rest was digested.  they immediatly knew she ingested xylitol or aspartame.  her last pee was at 5pm and when she peed again it was 1am.  right after the pee she stopped twitching so they knew she was processing everything.  her blood work came back perfect with absolutly no liver damage.  they even tried feeding her some mushy yummy stuff but she wouldn’t open her mouth.  after the pee she was able to sit up but she was lifting one arm and crying.  the vet said she was having muscle cramps from the seizures but she would be fine by morning.  she let {dogs name} leave after awhile when she was walking again and the cramping and seizures stopped.  we got home and she went straight to bed and slept and woke with no issues.  she is great now.  so the vet said that xylitol and sucralose (aspartame) is deadly but not sorbitol.  it causes the insulin levels to spike very high and that is what made her hyper and after half hour or so the blood sugar levels then drop very low and that is what caused her to fall asleep.  but then her blood sugar levels dropped soo low that she began to seizure and went into a diabetic shock.

What not to feed your Labradoodle? these sugars!

What not to feed you Labradoodle? Grapes, wrong shape and size! That was my first thought when hearing that grapes are bad for dogs. I did some further study on it and it seems that grapes have a toxin in them that can cause serious trouble! The dogs can develop renal failure, causing the kidney’s to stop filtering properly. This is very dangerous for the Labradoodle! Some Labradoodles and dogs in general can eat grapes with no troubles, but for some as few as 7 grapes or rasins can cause serious troubles!


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    Hello Luke and Connie,
    Very helpful article Samson is doing great loved by everyone in the neighborhood keep up the good work !


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