Dog Food and Nutrition

Nutrition! The big word on a lot of peoples minds as they look forward to adopting a pet. There are so many options and everyone claims to have the best! You are faced with choosing to feed raw or canned or kibble, and there are many different options within a type of feeding, it is enough to give one a mass case of confusion! One thing is sure Please never ever feed your canine companion Chocolate or cooked chicken bones or grapes!!

We are feeding our Labradoodles the 4 Strong Paws dog food and are thrilled with the results. We have tried other foods and have found that we are liking this one a lot!

#1 it is fresh! There is nothing worse than going to feed your Labradoodle opening the bag of food and almost needing to hold your nose closed due to the nasty smell of the stuff!! 4 Strong Paws is yummy smelling and is yummy tasting…we like it a lot!

#2 It is Canadian made, this is important to us, if we all support each other in what we as Canadians are trying to do it makes for a happier Canada!! We like Canada!

#3 4 Strong Paws is all meat and veggies, no grains. Perfect for what your Labradoodle craves to see in his food bowl!

#4 This food comes right to your door, no hauling it around and running out in the heat or cold to get it, it delivers really quickly Canada wide and so even if you have only a day or two till you need the food, it will be there.

#5 The first time you order the company gives you a 5.00 discount if you use this special code. 4149-a3h6. Try it and see for your self the wonderful food that all breeds just LOVE!!

Oh, taste and see how good! Our puppies have done very well transitioning to this food from mom with no troubles at all!

We also have newly discovered this product: Royal Elk Products. This is a wonderful discovery and this article has been written about it!

We also are great fans of NuVet Plus. This is a vitamin and has greatly improves the coat and skin health of our dogs. It is so wonderful to watch the coat turn shiny and healthy, after only a month or two of giving them this vitamin! If the results are so wonderful on the outside I can only imagine that the inside of our dogs is also saying thank-you! If you are interested in this product, feel free to use this order code when ordering. 58735 it just lets NuVet know where you found out about their product. We recommend that you give your puppies this supplement for at least the first year when the puppies are developing so fast. Makes development easier and stronger………..Joints, bones and teeth!!

Feeding raw is a great way to go as well. There can be lots of hidden things with in a food or treat that is not stated on the bag, raw is a sure way to know what you are feeding your canine friend and to be sure that it is a healthy and balanced diet. Dogs love fresh fruit, such as melons and apples. Please no grapes! To use these as a special treat or as a part of the daily diet is a wonderful idea! While the base of our feeding program is Legacy kibble we also treat with beef bones and fresh fruits.This website has excellent info on raw feeding for your new puppy!