Tegan’s Remington Australian Labradoodle / Cobberdog.

Tegan’s Remington Australian Labradoodle / Cobberdog.

remington face

Bright eyed baby! New to our home! WELCOME REMINGTON!

This sweet little boy was born on Feb 5 2014 and has just arrived home with us, we are very excited to have him and are so very happy with his happy, out going personality!

Remington has flown to join us here at Arrowhead Australian Labradoodle breeders in Ontario from Australia, he was clean and happy after a very VERY long journey!! We were so happy to see his tail a wagging and his happy, gentle personality show right out of the crate! The lady that helped us through customs just loved him!

Remington has pure, true blue bloodlines that we are looking forward to introducing to our program that will push us one step closer to our aim, of breeding Labradoodles that are true to the breed standard and are friendly and loyal companion dogs. But that are also non aggressive in any situation and are intuitive enough to assist us in our day to day activities. We have had lots of people come by to visit our Labradoodles that are in need of a companion that can calm, reassure or help them to come out of their shells to a fuller happier life. Our Labradoodles are happy to help out with this and love to be helping families through life with their special struggles. All of us need an ear to listen and a snuggle now and then and we envision our Labradoodles as the special ones to do it!!

 Remington is all set to mature as a large miniature, perfect for most any life style, from those that live lives that take a Labradoodle hiking, swimming and sailing to those that prefer a quiet life style of long walks and lots of couch time. The puppies from our sweet Remington will fit the bill! Remington is a golden / cream colour with the black pigments, so very beautiful! We are thrilled to be able t call him ours and are looking forward to the doodle romp when we can introduce him to all of you! I am sure he will be the star of the show!

remington standingThree cheers for our sweet little Australian Labradoodle / Cobberdog male, we will post more pictures as he grows to let you in on all the excitement as he grows!!






thats mine with bone

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