Puppy Training Available

Puppy Training Available

Meet the ladies that are do the puppy training here @ Arrowhead Labradoodles. These ladies work hard, they have taken on a big job and they are doing a very good job of it!

Both ladies, Nancy and Kelly are certified trainers through Norma Jeans dog training classes. Though very different in personality they both do a good job with our puppies!

If you choose to get your puppy trained before it comes home to you these are the ladies that will be doing it for you. Nancy and Kelly take the puppies to their homes and spend 24 hours a day interacting with and teaching the Labradoodle puppies all they possibly can in the amount of time they are given with the pup. You as the puppies new family get to chose how many weeks you would like to have your pup trained by these girls. One week is a crash course on everything potty training, introduction to the leash and name recognition.

Kelly and Nancy are able to fully house train your Labradoodle as well. We all know that time is short and life moves fast! The only way to have a puppy that  will mature as a wonderful well loved and respectable dog is too put hours of training into them! For some of us it really helps out to have the puppy well started with the training before we take the pup home. This gives us a solid base to build on.

When Kelly and Nancy do puppy training they are also available to answer questions as the puppy transitions into your new home and family. Both ladies give you a schedule that the pup is used to and when you pick the pup up they will give you a personal puppy training class.

Each family and home is unique and only you really know what your needs are. Feel free to ask about this option when you are inquiring about a puppy from Arrowhead Labradoolde breeders. We will all work together to give you the most positive experience possible!

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