Maui the Labradoodle at home.

Maui the Labradoodle at home.

Maui the Labradoodle at home! Such a sweet little girl! We are happy the Maui the Labradoodle is doing well at her new home! This is what her family has to say.

Hi Connie,

 Oh what a wonderful couple of days we have had.  We had a great drive home with Maui .  We stopped once for her to pee and she went right away.  She sat in the back with myself and Amanda and fell asleep. When we got home she sniffed around and has decided to spend most of her time in the kitchen and living room.  She still does not want to go in the front hallway or upstairs or downstairs.  She just stops dead in her tracks.  So funny.  She was up a couple of times the first night but the last two nights has slept right through until 6:00.  Sunday we had people coming and going all day to see her and she did great.  She was exhausted by Sunday night and slept most of yesterday.

 She has fit right into the family.  It is like she has always been here.  She is eating great.  She has had only one accident and it was on Sunday when so much was going on.  Her poo schedule us perfect.  She has had a couple of runny poos but only when we take her for a walk.  All the ones in our yard are solid.  She is doing great on her walks.  I don’t think she loves them but she does go.  The first walk on Saturday was pretty funny.  When a car came up the road she dove into the ditch.  We never realized how different the city is from where her first few weeks were.  She is getting used to all of the sounds and just stops and watches when something new goes by like a truck, or bike.

 We bought her another bed for outside her crate and she loves it.  Takes all of her toys right to the bed.  I love that she has a place that she can go to that she feels is hers.  She is also great in the car.  Had her out a couple of times yesterday.  Just sits in the back seat like she has been doing it for years.  he is great with knowing her name and comes when we call her.  Usually she is just under our feet anyway.  Never very far away, that’s for sure.

 Today I am taking her to our vet to introduce her.  She is very excited to met Maui  as she had been Guinness’s vet since the beginning and has always taken such good care of him.

WE LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!  I am still so thankful we found you and everything worked out.  Thank you also for having Maui for the first two weeks.  I definitely think that has made it easier for us and hopefully for her as well.  Please thank you beautiful children for loving her so much and for taking such good care of her.

 Hope all is going well with Diesel!!    will keep you posted on her progress.

All the best

Tammy, George, Kevin, Amanda and Maui

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