When Labradoodles meet!

When Labradoodles meet!

Look at these sweet Labradoodles meet! There is something special about knowing where you come from and those who came from the same place as you did. Bree and her human and Merlin and his human were out on a nice little walk not knowing that they were each about to experience a bit of a “family”

bree and merlin#2Bree and Merlin are both from our Wheaten infused lines. First generation. Both beautiful “puppies” with lots of love and joy to share!!

This is what Merlin’s family has to say!!

On a happy note, we were in Bronte Harbour today walking by Lake Ontario and we passed a man and a dog which looked a lot like Merlin.  Turned out to be Bree!!!!   The three year old you just looked after this summer.  Well, what a nice talk we had with Bree’s owner and Merlin and Bree communed…  I have a few photos, will send a couple – if you post them on your website, Bree’s owner will be watching for them.

We were happy to post the pictures! Hi to you Bree and family! I love when our labradoodles meet!

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  1. Leslie Bamford September 6, 2014 at 10:58 am

    It was such a joy for Merlin and Bree to meet accidentally, both offspring of Bobbi, Connie and Luke’s amazing Wheaten Terrier. Different mom’s, though.

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