Labradoodles just for fun!

Labradoodles just for fun!

Did any of you see this?? Labradoodles are the BEST breed out there by far!!

So intelligent, easy to train! Absolutely beautiful! Silky soft coats just right for snuggling! The family friendly companion type personalities, mix with easy care coats and amazingly easy care coats that do not shed!! WE LOVE THE LABRADOODLE!!

Well suited for therapy, we are thrilled to be leading in this wonderful breed! The smaller of the Labradoodles appears to be a miniature F1 Labradoodle, this Labradoodle would be low shed and somewhat allergy friendly! The larger of the two Labradoodles looks just like on e of our Labradoodles with the Wheaten infusion! These Labradoodles are non shed, you will not find hair about the house, they are super soft to touch and are just as smart as you! Perhaps smarter GRIN! They are easy to train to do about anything!

Come on out and meet the best breed ever to be created!! You will be thrilled as well, to be apart of this wonderful breed!!

One thing different from the video is that we let our Labradoodles keep their whole tail!! We like the natural wagging! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!

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