Labradoodle updates!

Labradoodle updates!

Merlin and Leslie in woods 2014

One of the most fun parts of having our puppies all over the world is getting feed back from families about how their Labradoodle is doing! The longer one of our Labradoodles has been away from our home the more fun it is to get an up date!! We feel strongly that feed back from all of the families that have adopted Labradoodles from us, make us better breeders and this is always in the front of our minds to reach forward to breed better Labradoodles and have more happy families! So thank-you all very much for all the  Labradoodle updates that you send us!!

If you want a dog who loves winter and walking the trails or playing in the yard in the snow, you have come to the right breeder and found the right breed.  This is Merlin, nearly a year and a half, enjoying the snow.  He invigorates us with his enthusiasm for the Canadian winter.   Oh yes, he also loves summer, as swimming is his favorite pastime.  Actually, he truly is a “dog for all seasons”.

Yes, you are right Leslie! The Australian Labradoodle is just a great all around dog that loves pretty much everything and everyone in and about life! Happy, carefree and sweet! That is an Australian Labradoodle!!


We received this e-mail the other day as well from a dear family! We are sure looking forward to when they make a trip out here to see us again!

Hi Connie and Luke,
Hope you made it through our freezing winter okay!  We kept worrying about how all your little puppies were doing.  Hope all is well.
With country folks like you, they must be in capable hands!

Zoey is growing up into the budding young pup dog she was meant to be.  She has established herself as a member of this family in good stride,
proper behaviour and always giving us the warmth a good dog should bring.  We can’t imagine now the time we lived without a dog.  She is so
much a part of our life and our kids’ life.  She has made a lot of dog friends in the neighbourhood and is looking forward to the melting snow.  She
has become a little cold sensitive lately and doesn’t like her walks when it’s freezing.  We have only taken her to the vet for sickness once in two years. (besides check ups).
Her birthday is coming up-March 28th and she will be 2 already!

Hope your kids are doing well!  Time flies by so don’t forget to enjoys all the ages and stages…..

We can’t thank you enough for bringing her into our life.  Even though she is just a dog, we give her all our love like we give our kids and each other.
We miss you and if we come up that way we will call and see if we can drop by.

We miss you and the kids send their hugs,

All the best,
The Sigesmunds (including Zoey Rae).

2 comments on: Labradoodle updates!

  1. Kim Tone March 28, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    Hi Connie & Luke
    I was just checking to see if you were having your BBQ this year. Baxter had such a great time and it is so nice to see Baxters family, brothers and sisters.

    • admin March 29, 2014 at 7:24 am

      Hi Kim
      Yes, we would love to have you all come out for our Doodle romp. It is planned for June 14 this year and we are getting very excited to have the snow melt and green grass for all the Labradoodles to run on! Hope this date works for you!
      Thank you Connie

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