Labradoodle puppy mania!

Labradoodle puppy mania!

Face shotYes we are loving life in this crazy Labradoodle puppy world! We have had so many of our amazing Labradoodle females give us litters of sweet Australian Labradoodle puppies this fall, and what has amazed us more than the girls having puppies {we did mate them after all: GRIN!} is the size of their litters!

These girls are having bigger litters this fall than we have ever had them have before. Zephyr had 8 puppies while her record amount before was 5 sweet Labradoodles! Tilly a first time mom mated to a first time dad Chilli gave us 12 Labradoodle puppies, our record litter was 9 Labradoodle puppies from Skye before this!! We are waiting for a litter from Skye now, and so I wonder how many she will decide to give us this time!

All these puppies in the nursery have made for lots of fun puppy play dates with potential Labradoodle families! They have all been fun times and I think all the families that have been visiting have enjoyed themselves as well. As Australian Labradoodles of Ontario it is a big privilege to be a part of furthering this amazing breed and to watch new families enjoy a puppy so much. Every puppy is an individual and we are happy to have each one……..

Lights infants Sept 15 027Even more exciting for families than the visit to choose their new family member is the day they get to take the pup of their choice home for the first time. We se lots of emotions, usually lots of over the top excitement and a hint of hesitant caution and fear of doing it wrong or not knowing what to do mixed in. Yes, lots of good times happening around Arrowhead Labradoodles these days!!

So much fun and so many puppies to choose from!!

Plan your drive to the country and visit our Labradoodles, see if they are right for you and your family!!

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