Doodle Romp 2015

Doodle Romp 2015

A good day! A wet day! A day enjoyed by all the Labradoodles and Humans alike!

I really do think that the best Labradoodle families adopt their sweet Australian Labradoodle puppies from Arrowhead! We had such great attitude and fun at our romp this year, even if it was raining!

All the Labradoodles were running around having fun while us the owners sat and stood by turn chatting making friends and in general bragging about our wonderful family friends!!

Enjoy the pictures all and hope to see you next year at the biggest Labradoodle romp in southern ON that we know of!

Comments on “Doodle Romp 2015

  1. Eileen&Guy Kirvan July 1, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    Thanks for another great time @ the 20015 puppy romp. Really enjoyed seeing Ellie’s siblings & meeting her Grandmother Sweet calm Bree. The calm gentle genetics I saw in Bree & Sky have passed right down to our Ellie. Lucky us to be able to share her life.
    Luke could you please comment on a possible solution to a grass eating vomiting situation Ellie exhibits. She ate Legacy puppy food until I wasn’t able to purchase it in Florida, resulting in me choosing Nutro Ultra dog food which seemed to have similar content of 3 lean proteins salmon lamb chicken as well as fruits vegetables whole flaxseed, rolled oats plus pure sunflower oil.She eats 1 cup of food / day— 2/3 cut am &1/3 @ supper time. I don’t give her any table food & use some of her own kibble for training. Her weight is consistent 18.3lbs. She eats grass a vomits frequently( several times a week) Vomit doesn’t contain blood/ bile usually white or green from the grass.Bowel/ bladder function normal. Loves her crate for sleep, goes to bed herself
    about 9pm til 7am. Is this common? The frequency is the issue. I know this is often a symptom of indigestion. Your comments would be appreciated

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