Labradoodle Romp 2014

Labradoodle Romp 2014

Our Labradoodle romp was a smashing success this year! We were pleased to host about 20 of “our puppies” and it seemed like everyone had a great time!

We had a hay ride and again that took a tour of a small bush area and saw a few of our grass fed beef animals. I did not get to go along, but the children seemed to think that it was great fun and quite a few of the labradoodles went along for the ride as well!

Our grilled grass fed ham burgers and homemade donuts and fritter’s, from a local restaurant that Connie worked at for several years, were served and enjoyed by everyone! It is so much fun to watch all the Labradoodles get reacquainted and the owners meet for some times the first time. I am amazed at how a puppy can be with his new adoptive family for about a year or so and then come back home to the farm and seem to just know this place and sometimes the Labradoodles that live here as well! We really enjoy having everyone come back and get to know each other just a bit better and also hear how things are going with the Labradoodles, adjustment and health and all the fun things that they have done since they have left our home.

I have put together a photo gallery of the Labradoodle romp that we spent together, Enjoy the pictures and hope to see everyone again next year.


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