Copper ~ Labradoodle puppy!

Copper ~ Labradoodle puppy!

Dear Connie, Luke and Family!!!

Firstly, I must apologize for not sending you an email sooner!! Things have been very busy since bringing Copper, Labradoodle puppy, home about a month ago now. Time flies and it’s been fun!! Copper is doing amazingly well and is so very cute!!

It took Copper about 4 days to get used to his crate and after the 4th night, he sleeps like a charm and doesn’t peep. He absolutely LOVES his crate and often you will find him walking in there to grab a toy or to go for a rest! By 10pm, he literally walks into his crate and puts himself to bed for the night. He gives us a “kiss” goodnight and falls off to sleep and we simply close his crate door and he wakes with us in the morning! He is already toilet trained and actually will come and nudge our leg or sit in front of us to get our attention, and then he walks to the back door. We put a leash on him and take him to the same spot in the backyard to which we say, “Go duty” and he goes on command! We’ve been trying to use the poochie bell but he’s afraid of the bells!! Too funny! Copper truly is an absolute gem and the bond we all have with him is precious!! He truly is a member of our family!! His disposition is incredible and he LOVES to cuddle!!! We’re having fun training him…he’s such a smart boy!

Puppy classes are fun and he’s doing great (although I think the classes are more for us than Copper!).

As you know I’m very allergic to dogs. This was of course, one of my concerns as to how I would make out as even with “hypoallergenic” dogs, my allergies were still a problem. I’m happy to say, my allergies have been fine!!! Copper does not shed at all, and on the odd occasion I’ll break out with a few hives or my eyes will bother me a bit but nothing that’s bothersome in the least, and like I said, this has only happened on a few occasions!!! Raine and Flame certainly made beautiful pups and definitely produce pups that are great for those that have allergies!!

I do hope you are all doing well!! Take care Connie!!

Sincerely, Dave, Nicole, Myiah and Copper!!

Labradoodle puppy!

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