Wheaten Infusion Coat Information!

Wheaten Infusion Coat Information!

I would like to create a visual for you! I know it is hard to understand how the coats of our Australian Labradoodles with the Wheaten infusion transition from the straight almost harsh coats of the puppy-hood into the gorgeous coats that we brag about!! I have created a couple of galleries for you to brouse through of a few of our Australian Labradoodle puppies that carry the first generation infusion. I have place the pictures in order as the puppy has matured and so the first pictures are the puppy stage, the next pictures are as 6 month old, next about a year and finally as a two year old with the full coat, of loopy super soft fleece!! We are just so thrilled with this easy care non shed coat!! SO BEAUTIFUL!

First gallery is of our very own Storm, he has matured into a very handsome young male and we are thinking hard about the best place to use his wonderful traits!

Second is a daughter of Bree and Bobbi’s, named after her mom. Baby Bree. This girl was black in colour as a puppy and now at two years old is an amazing pewter silver!

This girl is Miley, She is a beautiful girl and started out with a coat that had those cute markings in black! Such a sweet baby and beautiful lady!

Here is Winston, Beautiful young male, with a super friendly personality.

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