Charlie! Doing well.

Charlie! Doing well.

Hi Connie and Luke
Sorry it has taken so long to give you an update on Charlie but it seems hard to put into words how perfect of a dog Charlie is.
He fits into our family like he has been here for years.  We could not have asked for a better dog!  You were exactly right about his temperment, very calm and loveable.  He constantly wants to lick us and be near us and always looks to us for direction.  He never barks, jumps on furniture, or begs for food.  He is also very calm when meeting other dogs on the street.

He took 2 weeks, exactly as you said to settle in and get used to us and to be fully house trained.  He is also very good in his crate as he sleeps there and is in it when we go out.  He is also very good in the car now, initially he seemed to get quite motion sick but he seems to have gotten over that and settles into the back seat with the kids now and usually just sleeps.  Mackenzie has taught him to sit and fetch a ball and we are working on “come” but he is sometimes a bit stubborn with that, but he usually does in the end!  Initially when taking him for walks it was so funny – he would want to just lie down on the street, he was hilarious but frustrating too.  Neighbours and friends just love him, they can’t believe he is a puppy because of how calm and laid back he is.

Recently we took him on a camping trip where he slept with us in a tent during thunderstorms and a lot of wind.  He just curled up with the kids and didn’t say a word all night!  I was amazed at how he can adapt to any situation.  He also likes going for boat rides but seems to insist on getting very close to the edge – we got him a dog lifejacket.  He hasn’t fully swam yet but has gone in up to his belly and doesn’t mind.

Mackenzie has also taken on a lot of responsibilities with Charlie, she walks him every day and is always reading about how to care for dogs and has become quite knowledgeable.   Charlie has been an amazing addition to our family and we love having him here.
Thank-you for bringing him to us and for the time you took to train him.

Jeff and Lianne

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