Australian Labradoodle Rora!

Australian Labradoodle Rora!

Meet Rora!

We are so privileged to have this girl boarding at our Ontario Labradoodle breeder, Arrowhead Labradoodles! Rora is one of the puppies born to Miss Lights and Tucker about 1.5 years ago. She is a complete delight! Rora was born black with the tan phantom markings and when her family dropped her off last night I was so excited to see how absolutely beautiful she has become!! Tucker has allowed her black to fade into a beautiful silver colour and her tan has turned creamy white! She is a crowd stopper as far as looks go!

Rora has another amazing quality! This one has us even more excited than her great looks! Her personality is AMAZING! Her family needed a gentle dog due to some needs in the family and Australian Labradoodle Rora is just the ticket, she is very gentle and totally non aggressive, she loves to play and have a good time but seems to sense when it is time to settle down and be quiet! She has been a great play mate for Lucy who is in training with us for a few weeks!  Rora is also one of the smartest Labradoodles! She learned to ring her bells the first week home and has been faithful with them ever since, so very convenient! This is a little story of how smart she is! We were in the kitchen chatting when Rora joined us, she was acting kind of strange whimpering and looking up into our eyes, trying to tell us something! She would back away when I went towards her so I decided to follow her, she lead me to the back entrance where the door was closed, looked at the door then at me and back at the door. So I gave the door a shove and she started wagging her fluffy tail happy as can be! Her crate is in the entrance and she wanted a down time!!

Australian Labradoodles, SMART and family friendly the perfect non shed non aggressive companion/therapy dog you will find any where! We are so very pleased with our genetics and are so happy when we get to see first hand how amazing our Australian Labradoodles are. Of course this wonderful girls family has invested time in training and loving her as the best of dogs are ruined by lack of training!!

Any way, I am done bragging on Rora for now, I want to get some pictures of her with a background other than the ice she matches so well so we can see her colouring better! I hope that all of you are having a great day on this icy April day!!

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