Australian Labradoodle, off to a good start!

Cooper the Australian Labradoodle is finally home!  He had quite an adventure in Toronto learning all about elevators, marble floors and streetcars – and he handled it all beautifully.  Very confident and not easily spooked.  On our visits to offices he was very well behaved and slept most of the time.  No barking or otherwise rude behaviour.  Couldn’t be happier.

We met my elderly Mom at the airport in Toronto as we were to accompany her home from Calgary to Fredericton.  Unfortunately she had a Ménière’s attack on the plane.  Once again Cooper was perfectly behaved in his kennel as the fire department and paramedics descended on us.  He then spent the next 5 hours in his kennel (with walks every hour or so) waiting patiently outside the hospital with a friend.  Fortunately, later that night, my Mom was given the green light to fly the next day.

At the airport we were told that Cooper was not going to be able to make it on the plane with us as his long legs would not allow him to stand up under the seat (which is a new requirement).  However, my Mom insisted that she needed her ‘therapy dog’ with her and they agreed.  Cooper went into his airline carrier without a fuss and slept the entire way home (most of the time on his back with his legs up in the air!)

He sits like a super-model.  Fetches and drops the ball (most of the time).  Walks very nicely on his leash.  Sleeps 8 hours through the night.  Such a dream!

 I am so excited for what the future will bring for him (and me!)  Thank you so much for your care in selecting Cooper for me!

More news to come. Sharon & Cooper

Cooper is a Australian Labradoodle puppy born to Skye and Bobbi! So thrilled with his great intuition and quick learning!

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