We are THRILLED! DELIGHTED, and very excited to be able to let you in on the biggest excitement of the year!

Mr. Quinn Erb has joined our family! July 23 2014. He is a nice healthy size, 7lbs and 10oz. He made a very speedy entrance to his new world after making us wait 9 days extra to meet him! He is so worth the wait! We were so pleased by all of you that wanted to be let in on our special news the day of our doodle romp and families who visited us the past few months. You all have been so pleasant and fun to have around and it is with pleasure that we let you in on our lives!!

Quinn has been a happy addition to our home and at day 3 got the grand tour of the Labradoodle family! The doodles all seem to approve of the newest family member, for which we are grateful! Seems that the momma doodles just instinctively know that this is a baby that “needs” each one of them to love on him and clean his face! I did not let them, by the way, but they sure would have loved to help out in that way!!

We want to wish each of you the very happiest of summers and thanks again for caring about our growing family!!

See you next year at the romp again!!

Luke and Connie and children!

Comments on “He has ARRIVED!

  1. Eileen&Guy Kirvan July 30, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    Congratulations Connie& Luke.Quinn looks like a healthy big boy & oh so handsome.I really like his name. No doubt you have eager helpers in Tarragan,Rayna & Tallia
    Take good care of YOURSELF Connie.

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