Mickey and Frankie!

Mickey and Frankie!

Have you ever watched a puppy dance? Meet Mickey!

Dear Connie and Luke,

We just wanted to formally thank you for Mickey and Frankie. They couldn’t be a better fit for our family. They are super sweet and fun loving. They are wonderfully gentle with our young boys and really love to play with them. We continue to be amazed by how agile and athletic they are!

We took them to our cottage for the first time last week and they ran like the wind. They jump over things that are higher than they are without even slowing down – it’s incredible. We’re pretty sure Mickey has springs in her feet :)  They are the best of friends and play together constantly. We really couldn’t be happier with them. They are learning very quickly – even our trainer is impressed by how eager they are to please and how quickly they catch on. They have brought SO much joy and fun to our family. It’s very obvious that you make your breeding choices not just based on appearance (they are the cutest dogs in the world), but also on winning personalities.

My calendar is full of people who want to visit just to see the dogs again because they are so amazing that everyone falls in love in a single visit! Here are a couple of pictures of our sweet puppies. We took them for a walk on the boardwalk in our neighbourhood last weekend and we were stopped at least 15 times by people asking us what kind of dogs they were or where we got them because everyone thought they were such cute, sweet puppies. They were so well behaved – not jumping up on people but sitting and wagging their tails – waiting for people to pet them. They were also awesome and friendly with all of the dogs we met on the walk. The walk took us at least three times as long as it should have because they were so popular! One man even ran back down the boardwalk after us about 10 minutes after he had met them because he and his wife couldn’t stop talking about how perfect they were and he wanted your contact information :)Thanks again, Krista & Brad

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